Meditation Tips for Kundalini Yoga Sessions

Yoga has influenced the lives of many people globally. It benefited them and has improved their lives which made them happy, healthy and holy human beings.

Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga that fights stress which enables a person in having a healthy personality.Chanting and meditation are integral parts of Kundalini yoga because they help a person to attain the main objective of enabling a person to live happily and peacefully.

There are meditations and simple exercises which are very important for an individual who likes to discover his/her true personality. Meditation with the integration of some soft and soothing music elevates the listener to a higher domain.


Yoga CD’s and DVD’s offered by Spirit Voyage will help an individual to gain the main concepts on yoga.

A Kundalini yoga exercise is composed of Pranayama and meditation which are integrated for the many benefits of the performers.

Pranayama is a series of exercises on breathing which allow the body to be ready for the daily yoga practice. Pranayama practices include different techniques of breathing like dog breath, breath of fire, alternate nostril breathing, one-minute breath and others. Pranayama provides way to meditation. Meditation consists of mantra or movement with drishti or eye focus besides hand position or mudra and body posture or asana.

In meditation practice, a performer should bear in mind the following tips; 1) In performing meditation, proper place is preferable. It must be calm, neither too cold nor too warm; 2) Yoga mats and rugs are highly recommended. The performer’s body maintains warm by using yoga mats or rugs; 3) Most Kundalini yoga meditation must have chanting and mantras. The integration of mantras during the Kundalini yoga and meditation esessential in acquiring two specific objectives of Kundalini practice, Spirit elevation and self expansion. It also helps those beginners in meditation, to discover silence and calmness very challenging. So, balance, evenness of mind and clarity can be acquired. Suggested mantras are Guru Tej Kaur’s Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity and Dr. Gabrielle Pelice’s Kundalini Yoga on the Ball: 4) It is advisable to have appropriate yoga clothes during yoga meditation; 5) Meditation music CD’s and yoga DVD’s can help yoga practice and meditation sessions. They provide relaxation and peace within the listener and performer. Seasons of the Soul and To Be Home are some of the pieces which will assist in meditation; 6) Several yoga books like Kundalini Rising and Kundalini Yoga for Youth increase one’s knowledge.