The Best Ways to Eat to Lose Weight

You can reduce the probability of overeating by eating smaller portions. Even regular exercises will help a lot to lose weight. Along with regular exercises you should maintain a proper diet; these are two main significant practices to reduce weight. Dieting and Diet are two different terms, ‘Dieting’ means a temporary eating habit practiced to reduce the weight. The ‘Diet’ implies lifestyle change in order to reduce the weight. The proper weight loss practice consist a necessary changes made to the daily diet instead of any type of dieting.


Don’t miss breakfast

Missing your breakfast may increase the possibility of overeating all over the day, which will result in weight gain. According to Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. an expert of Mayo Clinic, “Missing the breakfast increases the insulin response which results in excess fat storage and weight gain”. This will increase the risk of being fatty. Eating breakfast will increase your energy at the starting of the day and make you to stay active whole day. You can choose fruits and vegetables as your breakfast and can have healthier choice of food. If you skip your breakfast you may lose the opportunity of having these kinds of food throughout the day.

Eat When you feel Hungry

Just eat when you are hungry. This will help you in the long run of weight losing. People will often find many reasons to eat like ‘it’s is time to eat’, ‘eating because you fell bore’, many people are not aware of what is actual starvation because they don’t let their stomach to feel hungry. Sometimes you may feel hungry just due to dehydration and you can satisfy this by drinking water. You have to listen to your stomach for a week and understand the real hungry clues then follow that to have a good health and fitness.

Portion Control to reduce Calorie Intake

Eating the meals by breaking it in small portions will help you to reduce the calorie consumption without missing the nutrients. The restaurant size is double in size when compared to the normal portions. Even the full size plate at home is also the same. The main point to notice in portion control is the serving size. According to serving size decide your intake. Eat slowly by appreciating the taste and smell of the food and it will help portion control as you will feel physically becoming full.

Increase Fiber

Foods containing fiber will help you to feel fulfilled for long time as well as influence bowel function. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are rich in fiber and are less energy dense. Basically you need more time to eat fiber foods which makes you to feel full sooner that avoids overeating.