Fitness Mantra for your Mind, Body and Soul Ashtanga Yoga

Regular exercise are just intended for physical fitness but yoga is the exercise for the body, mind and spirit, which improves one’s health leading to a peaceful , relaxed and happier life. But to choose an appropriate yoga style, the yoga aspirant must learn the different forms of yoga, so that he can select which fits or suits his personality and physical condition. Here are some forms of yoga which are widely known.

Pilates yoga – This kind of yoga is commonly used in the United States. This is not actually yoga but its similarity to yoga is the exercise of the mind.

Power yoga – This form of yoga is a modified Ashtanga yoga. It is a yoga practice with several poses, done continuously. It enhances the inner self to have connection with his soul.

Ashtanga yoga – It refers to the eight limbs. There are six different series in this type of yoga. Strength and flexibility are enhanced. Spinal column is realigned. Detoxification of body and nervous system is strengthened through regular Ashtanga yoga practice. It is also a dynamic and athletic form of yoga practice. It relieves muscle and joint pains. It has also mental and emotional benefits because mental focus is gained and negative thought are released.

Bikram yoga – It was founded by Bikram Choudhury, wherein the performers practice yoga in a room with 90 to 100 degrees Celsius, so it’s also called hot yoga. It is intended for physical and aerobic purposes.

Hatha yoga – It focuses on the combination of breathing and postures. These practices allow the proper distribution of blood. Flexibility, strength, stamina and vitality of a person are also improved.

Dahn yoga – It teaches the performer on how the mind and body are expanded. It encourages the practitioner to have full concentration with his body to enrich and prolong life. Self control is developed and better concentration is enhanced.

Iyengar yoga – It helps the practitioner to align properly the body and this type of yoga needs to hold a pose for an extended period of time instead of moving from one pose to the next one.

Vinyasa yoga – This type of yoga needs to perform fast movements in synchronization with more emphasis on the breathing exercise.

Kundalini yoga – Is a form of discipline by using yoga postures and exercises with meditation that provide communication between the body and mind.

Sadhana yoga – Is spiritual practice that includes variety of discipline to achieve spiritual objectives.