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A Cool New Way to Lose Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting is at present the best nonsurgical procedure to get rid of unwanted fat deposits. It does not leave you with any irregularities if properly used and there is really no down time. Anyone is a candidate provided they understand that this is not a means to lose weight but  a way to contour your body, get rid of those bulges difficult to get off even with a healthy lifestyle, exercise and good eating habits. Those with larger deposits can achieve good results as well but may require several applications or so called cycles.


The CoolSculptingprocedure is not painful but requires good planning so that the right set of applicators are utilized. We have now the latest technology, faster delivery and more effective cooling. Treatment which lasted over one hour is now reduced to 35 minutes.

The fat cells in the area treated are completely destroyed. They will never come back. As long as you will not gain weight you will maintain the same results forever. The process starts immediately but you will notice changes in the 3-4 weeks. It may take up to 3 months for the full results.

We have seen excellent results with Coolsculpting in Westchester since we have started offering this procedure using the latest technology. The treatment was very well tolerated, and no permanent or severe side effects were reported. Some noticed swelling which lasted for a few days and rare occasion of bruising.

I find it is crucial to plan the treatment well which is why I personally see everyone and perform the treatment myself. Everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another.

The treatment today is directed to abdominal fat and we can utilize a core applicator. It will be placed in a few different areas to achieve a homogeneous treatment of our target.

Once the gel pad is applied then the placement so that the fat is well positioned inside the cool advantage applicator. Once we are happy with the placement we will begin the treatment. For more information about CoolSculpting, please contact Park Avenue Medical Spa in Westchester by phone or through our website, ParkAvenueMedicalSpa.com.

The Best Ways to Eat to Lose Weight

You can reduce the probability of overeating by eating smaller portions. Even regular exercises will help a lot to lose weight. Along with regular exercises you should maintain a proper diet; these are two main significant practices to reduce weight. Dieting and Diet are two different terms, ‘Dieting’ means a temporary eating habit practiced to reduce the weight. The ‘Diet’ implies lifestyle change in order to reduce the weight. The proper weight loss practice consist a necessary changes made to the daily diet instead of any type of dieting.


Don’t miss breakfast

Missing your breakfast may increase the possibility of overeating all over the day, which will result in weight gain. According to Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. an expert of Mayo Clinic, “Missing the breakfast increases the insulin response which results in excess fat storage and weight gain”. This will increase the risk of being fatty. Eating breakfast will increase your energy at the starting of the day and make you to stay active whole day. You can choose fruits and vegetables as your breakfast and can have healthier choice of food. If you skip your breakfast you may lose the opportunity of having these kinds of food throughout the day.

Eat When you feel Hungry

Just eat when you are hungry. This will help you in the long run of weight losing. People will often find many reasons to eat like ‘it’s is time to eat’, ‘eating because you fell bore’, many people are not aware of what is actual starvation because they don’t let their stomach to feel hungry. Sometimes you may feel hungry just due to dehydration and you can satisfy this by drinking water. You have to listen to your stomach for a week and understand the real hungry clues then follow that to have a good health and fitness.

Portion Control to reduce Calorie Intake

Eating the meals by breaking it in small portions will help you to reduce the calorie consumption without missing the nutrients. The restaurant size is double in size when compared to the normal portions. Even the full size plate at home is also the same. The main point to notice in portion control is the serving size. According to serving size decide your intake. Eat slowly by appreciating the taste and smell of the food and it will help portion control as you will feel physically becoming full.

Increase Fiber

Foods containing fiber will help you to feel fulfilled for long time as well as influence bowel function. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are rich in fiber and are less energy dense. Basically you need more time to eat fiber foods which makes you to feel full sooner that avoids overeating.








Meditation Tips for Kundalini Yoga Sessions

Yoga has influenced the lives of many people globally. It benefited them and has improved their lives which made them happy, healthy and holy human beings.

Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga that fights stress which enables a person in having a healthy personality.Chanting and meditation are integral parts of Kundalini yoga because they help a person to attain the main objective of enabling a person to live happily and peacefully.

There are meditations and simple exercises which are very important for an individual who likes to discover his/her true personality. Meditation with the integration of some soft and soothing music elevates the listener to a higher domain.


Yoga CD’s and DVD’s offered by Spirit Voyage will help an individual to gain the main concepts on yoga.

A Kundalini yoga exercise is composed of Pranayama and meditation which are integrated for the many benefits of the performers.

Pranayama is a series of exercises on breathing which allow the body to be ready for the daily yoga practice. Pranayama practices include different techniques of breathing like dog breath, breath of fire, alternate nostril breathing, one-minute breath and others. Pranayama provides way to meditation. Meditation consists of mantra or movement with drishti or eye focus besides hand position or mudra and body posture or asana.

In meditation practice, a performer should bear in mind the following tips; 1) In performing meditation, proper place is preferable. It must be calm, neither too cold nor too warm; 2) Yoga mats and rugs are highly recommended. The performer’s body maintains warm by using yoga mats or rugs; 3) Most Kundalini yoga meditation must have chanting and mantras. The integration of mantras during the Kundalini yoga and meditation esessential in acquiring two specific objectives of Kundalini practice, Spirit elevation and self expansion. It also helps those beginners in meditation, to discover silence and calmness very challenging. So, balance, evenness of mind and clarity can be acquired. Suggested mantras are Guru Tej Kaur’s Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity and Dr. Gabrielle Pelice’s Kundalini Yoga on the Ball: 4) It is advisable to have appropriate yoga clothes during yoga meditation; 5) Meditation music CD’s and yoga DVD’s can help yoga practice and meditation sessions. They provide relaxation and peace within the listener and performer. Seasons of the Soul and To Be Home are some of the pieces which will assist in meditation; 6) Several yoga books like Kundalini Rising and Kundalini Yoga for Youth increase one’s knowledge.











Get Ready To Lose Weight With 5 Mental Attitudes!

At the time when you decide to lose weight, there are some mental attitudes that are extremely important in order to succeed and reach the desired goal. A few of the most usual statements that people have passed in the years to follow are “I need to lose weight”, “I am eager to lose weight”, “I am tired of being fat”, “I have to lose weight”. Such statements have been coming from professionals, nurses, Olympic athletes and certain fitness instructors. We must have mentioned a few of these statements ourselves at some point in life and there may be many more examples of these statements.

However, the only difference between those who lost the weight and those who did not lose was the mental attitude of the individual. Losing weight and shedding those extra pounds is a fight within yourself and hence you need the right mental attitude at the time you start off your weight loss regime. It all depends on how you perceive the huge challenge within yourself. Regardless of the time when you are trying to lose weight, whether it is after pregnancy or after years where you have gained all those flaps of fat, you have to plan your weight loss spree according to your body health and fitness. If you are really serious about losing those extra pounds, then you must have the right mental attitude.

At the time of starting the program, you must have the confidence to look yourself in the mirror and affirm it within yourself that you are going to do it no matter what. Once you are able to build such a confidence within yourself, you need to reassure yourself every passing day. You have to program your mindset in such a way that can help you increase your chances of success in any weight loss program. There are a lot of chances that you might fail in your attempt to lose weight if you are not emotionally attached to the challenge. You need to have the required passion and it largely depends on badly you want to have a healthy and a fit life. If you are ready to lose weight and the process is combined with the burning desire within yourself, it time for you to prepare for the next step of the battle.


You need to understand that you are gaining a healthy and a fit lifestyle forever. It is not just one single day or some days together that you need to look good. You would desire to look good all through your life and hence you have to be willing to change your old fattening habit and replace them with the new positive attitude.

Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. It involves a lot of patience and time. You need to know that you did not gain those extra pounds overnight and that it will not disappear overnight as well. Gaining weight happened because you made some wrong choices with food and combined it with a fitness-free lifestyle. It will take a while to change your eating habits and get you started on the exercising process.

If you want to lose weight, you have to desire it with all your heart and stay focused on it in all circumstances. There may be a lot of distractions in your way, but keeping the right mental attitude will help you stay grounded in your mission. Your body health should be the most important priority in your life.

Write down your weight loss goal and read them everyday. Read them over and over again till those goals are imbibed in your subconscious mind. Also write down the timeframes and discuss it with your loved ones. This will get you a lot of support and help you stay focused on the business.

Trust yourself! There is nothing bigger then the confidence within you. Always stay positive about the weight loss program and join support groups where you come across a lot of people trying to reach their goal. This will enhance your spirits and strengthen your mind.


The Benefits of Losing Weight Gradually

Keyword: Gradually Weight Lose Benefit

Most people who set their minds to lose weight often want to see results immediately by losing as much weight as fast as they can. This is the wrong way to go about it. your best strategy should be to lose the weight in a gradual manner as stand a better chance of keeping the weight of with the latter.

Rapid weight loss often involves someone following a diet which is usually very low in calories which often results to immediate and continual weight loss, this however can be very tricky as in most cases people do not know what to do once they get to the weight they had targeted. This is because you are not mentally prepared to control your weight and the fact that you do not have a change in lifestyle which means your old eating habits are still there.


As a result chances are that you will gain the weight back as quickly as you shed it off thereby making all your efforts meaningless. This form of dieting is usually referred to as crush dieting. Not only are you likely to gain all the weight back but also pack more weight due to the fact that you end up overindulging on all the foods that you had stopped eating during your diet.

Due to the fact that you starve yourself for a period of time and suddenly you go back to eating the way you were used to. Your body reacts to that by storing some calories as preparation in case it undergoes starvation later on.

Individuals who set up sensible measures and good and healthy diet plans that help them lose weight steadily often do not have to go through what a person who loses weight drastically goes through. It is often advised to follow diets that allow you to consume foods that contain reasonable amounts of calories as opposed to very low levels so that your body does not suffer due to insufficient calories. Providing your body the correct amount of calories when dieting is one way of ensuring that your body is getting adequate nutrition and turning that into a lifestyle which is better than starving oneself and bingeing on unhealthy foods.

From the conclusion that has been reached, it is far much better to get into dieting and go about it in a way that will help you lose the weight steadily and experience gradual weight lose benefits. Losing weight is a process that requires one to practice lots of endurance and have the will power to keep at it no matter how slowly your body begins to change physically due to the weight lose.


Advanced Stability Ball Exercises

Exercising with exercise or stability balls is getting popular among people day by day as it adds fun in people’s daily exercise routine. It’s an effective, inexpensive and easy way to keep your body fit and healthy. And advanced stability ball exercises will help you to get more from ball exercises. But don’t try them if you don’t know the basics of exercise balls. And you need to have more than average abs strength, balance and coordination, flexibility to do these exercises. And don’t force your body if it’s not comfortable with these exercises.

Roll-ins is a good advanced stability ball exercise for your abdominal. But don’t try it if you are not good at crunches on the ball and push-ups. At first, slowly position you body like you do push-ups while placing your feet on the ball. Keep your abs pulled in. Now slowly bring your knees in the direction of your chest and stay like this for 1 second. And keep your abs engaged while doing this. Now go back to the starting position. Do all the steps slowly. You might feel some problem while getting back in the starting position. But doing things slowly can make it easier.

‘Piques’ is another popular exercise among advanced stability ball exercises. You have to start from the same position like you started in roll-ins. And always keep your arms straight while doing piques or roll-ins. Now, keep your legs straight and abs engaged. Move your hips in the upper direction and stay in that position for 1 second. Now slowly return in your starting position. You won’t face any problem to do this exercise if you are good in performing push-ups.

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 22, 2009

For doing side crunches, you have to place your exercise ball near a wall or a firm objects to use it as a support. Lie down on the ball with your left side and keep your legs against a wall. Keep your right leg in front of your left leg and keep your hands behind your head. Now, crunch to the right side and lift the other side of your body. Keep your body straight and don’t move at the top for minimum one second. Now get back to the starting position. Keeping the balance is the hard part of this exercise. But it will get easier if you keep doing this exercise regularly. It is necessary to do all the steps of advanced stability ball exercises properly. And don’t try these exercises if you have back pain or injuries.

10 Best Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

If you need inspiration on your weight loss journey–and who doesn’t?–the simple suggestions below can help you stay on the right track. Weight loss can be difficult, and if you ever feel like you’re losing momentum, you can use the ten weight loss tips below to stay motivated.

Re-Evaluate Weight Loss

One of the easiest ways to keep your motivation is to change the way you view weight loss. It shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing affair where the scale has to show a certain number; everyone can reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. When you turn the focus to getting more exercise and eating healthier, you feel less pressure to be “perfect”.


Set Attainable Goals

Be sure to set realistic goals, or your self motivation weight loss efforts are doomed to failure. You know yourself better than anyone else; if you don’t like eating salads, that’s not a good goal to have. The same applies to wanting rapid weight loss–by setting a more realistic goal such as one or two pounds per week, you’re more likely to succeed.


Add Style to Your Workouts

Cute clothes can be a great motivator–working out in faded, drab clothing will only make you feel, well, drab. When you wear stylish, form-fitting workout gear, you work harder! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive gear; discounters such as Target have plenty of affordable options.

Celebrate Every Little Victory

To someone on a weight loss journey, every victory is important. Today, it’s easier to pick up take-out than it is to cook at home, and our days are so busy that it can be tricky to fit in a workout. Celebrate the small wins, and treat yourself with rewards like pedicures and massages. You deserve it!


Change the Venue

Another simple way to stay motivated is to change the scenery–both when you work out and when you eat. Try eating on blue plates; the color blue is thought to suppress the appetite, while red increases hunger. If you normally walk on the treadmill, try walking outdoors a few times a week. Small changes really add up!


Make it a Social Event

Social media can be a great source of motivation for your weight loss efforts. There are tons of apps that can track food and workouts, and friends can lend each other support. Post your progress photos and workouts on Facebook, or start a blog, and you’ll help others get motivated while you’re pushing yourself farther.

Be Skeptical of “Thinspiration”

Some find that looking at pictures of super-fit models can help, but that’s not always such a great idea. Research suggests that these images can discourage a dieter by creating an unattainable standard. There’s nothing wrong with looking to fitness models for inspiration, but remember–no two bodies are alike, and you need to achieve a physique and a weight that’s right for YOU.

Write it Down

We’re not sure how effective this one is, but if you’ve ever learned about Feng Shui, it may work. Write your weight loss goal down, and put the paper under your pillow. You’ll incorporate that positive energy into your life, and you may just reach your goal quicker.

Keep Thinking About It

Thinking about your goals can keep you motivated. When you feel like binging on pizza or skipping the gym, think of how that choice will affect your health a month from now. While blowing off the occasional workout or having an extra scoop of ice cream now and then won’t derail your efforts, going back to unhealthy habits means starting over.

Just Relax

To keep your daily motivation for weight loss, it’s important to go easy on yourself. Whenever your motivation is low, take a break for a day or two to recharge your batteries–just don’t make that break too long!

Everyone gets their weight loss motivation from different sources, and what’s right for you may not work for everyone else. We hope you find these tips helpful, and that you incorporate them into your new, healthier lifestyle.




Reason to Consider No Prescription Weight Loss Pills Online

As America’s obesity rate continues to rise, the online availability of weight loss pills is increasing as well. Although it’s possible to lose weight and burn fat without supplements, diet pills give you a variety of benefits that can’t be attained only with exercise and diet. Diet pills contain stimulants that boost your metabolism, among other advantages. However, you and your doctor should review these supplements to ensure that they’re right for you and that their benefits outweigh the risks.

Greater Appetite Suppression

Although eating fiber-rich foods and plenty of protein can help you feel fuller for longer, these foods all contain calories–and to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. Weight loss pills can offer appetite suppression that will help you control cravings without the additional calories. Stimulants can reduce appetite, and herbal extracts such as hoodia gordonii may also help.


Diuretic Effects

Not only can natural weight loss supplements help you cut body weight by burning more fat, they may also help you shed water weight. Diuretics are compounds that remove excess water from your system; according to a study done in 2009, certain diuretics can cause water weight loss. However, the weight is easy to regain with proper fluid intake.

Diminished Fat Creation

Although many non prescription weight loss pills focus on burning fat, it’s important to prevent new fat from forming (lipogenesis). Although many weight loss pills claim such effects, there aren’t many ingredients that can back those claims up with scientific proof. An ingredient that may reduce lipogenesis is betaine; it may reduce activity in genes that promote fat creation.

Increased Energy Expenditure at Rest

Although there are many weight loss supplements that can give you increased energy, which helps burn additional calories when you work out, you should also focus on increasing resting metabolism, or burning more calories when you’re not exercising. As documented in a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, taking a simple multivitamin may be enough to raise your metabolism. However, diet pills can also help.

Although obesity rates are continuing to rise, you don’t have to resign yourself to a lifetime of being overweight. Natural weight loss supplements can aid in appetite suppression, and they can help you burn more calories while working out and at rest. By considering the advantages of taking supplements, you can choose the right diet pills for your needs.