Advanced Stability Ball Exercises

Exercising with exercise or stability balls is getting popular among people day by day as it adds fun in people’s daily exercise routine. It’s an effective, inexpensive and easy way to keep your body fit and healthy. And advanced stability ball exercises will help you to get more from ball exercises. But don’t try them if you don’t know the basics of exercise balls. And you need to have more than average abs strength, balance and coordination, flexibility to do these exercises. And don’t force your body if it’s not comfortable with these exercises.

Roll-ins is a good advanced stability ball exercise for your abdominal. But don’t try it if you are not good at crunches on the ball and push-ups. At first, slowly position you body like you do push-ups while placing your feet on the ball. Keep your abs pulled in. Now slowly bring your knees in the direction of your chest and stay like this for 1 second. And keep your abs engaged while doing this. Now go back to the starting position. Do all the steps slowly. You might feel some problem while getting back in the starting position. But doing things slowly can make it easier.

‘Piques’ is another popular exercise among advanced stability ball exercises. You have to start from the same position like you started in roll-ins. And always keep your arms straight while doing piques or roll-ins. Now, keep your legs straight and abs engaged. Move your hips in the upper direction and stay in that position for 1 second. Now slowly return in your starting position. You won’t face any problem to do this exercise if you are good in performing push-ups.

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For doing side crunches, you have to place your exercise ball near a wall or a firm objects to use it as a support. Lie down on the ball with your left side and keep your legs against a wall. Keep your right leg in front of your left leg and keep your hands behind your head. Now, crunch to the right side and lift the other side of your body. Keep your body straight and don’t move at the top for minimum one second. Now get back to the starting position. Keeping the balance is the hard part of this exercise. But it will get easier if you keep doing this exercise regularly. It is necessary to do all the steps of advanced stability ball exercises properly. And don’t try these exercises if you have back pain or injuries.